First ptc seminar on ILI attended by 16 international participants - more specialized seminars will follow

The 2-day seminar on "In-line inspection of transmission pipelines" started directly after the 8th Pipeline Technology Conference on 21 March 2013. Some of the international ptc delegates from Saudi Arabia, Libya, Switzerland and Germany made use of the opportunity to stay for two more days in Hannover in order to go further into details and to meet some potential future business partners.

More foreign transport network operators than ever at 8th Pipeline Technology Conference, ptc

Important deals could be done and prepared by the exhibitors and sponsors at the 8th Pipeline Technology Conference (18-20 March 2013) because the conference and exhibition focused on the question: “Which improved solutions are offered by industry and service providers for the construction, operation and rehabilitation of onshore and offshore pipelines.”

The new NDT will be Golden Sponsor of ptc 2013

As a longtime exhibitor of the pipeline technology conference (ptc) in Hanover, Germany, NDT Systems & Services will join ptc 2013 as Golden Sponsor. After its successfully completed restructuring by transfer, the high-tech company headquartered in Stutensee will retain the excellent and proven business contacts and will economically rev up.

Siemens nominates new advisory committee member

Mr. Sanjeev Sinha is Head of the Focus Market Segment Pipelines at Siemens and has been involved in the Pipeline Technology Conference since the first conference was held in 2006. He is well connected in the international pipeline community and will promote the further development of ptc as new member of the advisory committee.

PRCI supports ptc 2012 and joins the advisory committee

The Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) is a community of the world’s leading pipeline companies, and the vendors, service providers, equipment manufacturers, and other organizations supporting the industry. PRCI president Cliff Johnson is new member of the ptc advisory committee and his organization is now official supporter of the Pipeline Technology Conference.