Purpose-Built Marine Hydrogen Pipeline To Unlock Scotland's Export Potential

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Purpose-Built Marine Hydrogen Pipeline To Unlock Scotland's Export Potential

Flag of Scotland (© Shutterstock/Dmytro Balkhovitin)
Flag of Scotland (© Shutterstock/Dmytro Balkhovitin)

A research report, assessing a proposed undersea network of pipelines called the 'Hydrogen Backbone Link', would connect Scotland with Ireland and either the Netherlands and/or Germany. Two potential routes are detailed, each making use of existing North Sea infrastructure for natural gas.

Delivering a cost-effective pipeline solution would position Scotland as a front runner in the development of a pan-European hydrogen infrastructure for export.

The project, which received funding from the Scottish Government’s Energy Transition Fund (ETF) and match funding from industry, examined the repurposing of existing oil and gas infrastructure before determining that a new purpose-built marine pipeline link to Europe is the optimal route to market for Scotland’s green hydrogen, and Scotland could meet up to 10% of Europe's projected  hydrogen import demand by the mid - 2030s.

Scottish Government Energy Secretary Neil Gray said: “The Scottish Government recognises the importance of developing hydrogen pipelines to unlock Scotland’s export potential. We want to work collaboratively with partners across Europe to advance infrastructure which ensures security of supply in Europe and positions the North Sea as a centre for low-cost hydrogen production.

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