Pipeline People: Ethan Pulvermacher, YPI

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Pipeline People: Ethan Pulvermacher, YPI

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Ethan Pulvermacher
Ethan Pulvermacher

Ethan is a Regulatory Compliance Specialist II in the Regulatory Compliance Department of Oneok. He has a background in Operations and has been in the pipeline industry for approximately 5 years. Ethan currently works across various areas of Regulatory Compliance including Operator Qualification, Operations and Maintenance Procedures, Public Awareness, Damage Prevention, DOT Fleet requirements and aerial patrol. Previously, he served in various roles performing duties related to operational excellence, environmental responsibility, and community investments. He serves as the YPI Event Lead and the Advisor Relations Lead for YPP USA. He graduated with a B.S. in Animal Science from Wilmington College and holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Pittsburg State University.



Why did you join YPI?

I joined YPI to meet individuals with similar interests from around the world. I enjoyed the networking and learning options offered by YPP USA and wanted to expand these options for myself and others.


How do you measure success in your career?

I measure success in my career by how many people I am able to help achieve their goals inside and outside of the organization. When individuals win then so does the group overall, and vice versa.


What are you passionate about outside YPI?

Outside of YPI I am passionate about spending time with my wife and our two daughters. We enjoy spending time outside, exercising, reading, and travelling.


What should we do to attract more young people to a career in the pipeline industry?

More people will be attracted to the pipeline industry with an emphasis on opportunities for innovation and growth. Younger generations want to know the impact that their work has on not only their compensation but also the world and future generations.


How you think the global pipeline industry will change over the course of your career?

The global pipeline industry will change over the course of my career by becoming more internationally integrated and dependent. As the focus on responsible energy sourcing grows along with the population that needs the energy the industry will have to adapt and overcome.



Pipeline People is a section in the Pipeline Technology Journal in which we would like to personally introduce important people from the pipeline industry on a regular basis. The ptj editorial team is happy to receive suggestions for further interviews. You can reach us at ptj@eitep.de.

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