Peruvian Oil Pipeline Leaks Again Due to Illegal Connection

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Peruvian Oil Pipeline Leaks Again Due to Illegal Connection

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Peru on the map (© Shutterstock/hyotographics)
Peru on the map (© Shutterstock/hyotographics)

Peru's state-owned oil company, Petroperu, announced Tuesday the detection of an illegal connection on its North Peruvian Oil Pipeline (ONP). 

As reported by Reuters, the company did not specify the volume of crude oil leaked from the illicit tap. The incident comes after Petroperu recently restarted operations on the pipeline, which traverses the country from the Amazon to the Pacific Ocean. 

The ONP has suffered frequent damage in recent times, with culprits ranging from oil thieves to remote communities demanding social investment from Petroperu.

The illegal connection was found in the Olmos district of northwestern Peru with Petroperu releasing a statement requesting "the support of authorities to ensure the safety of the ONP” and avoid third-party issues that threaten the integrity of the critical asset.

Petroperu is currently undergoing a financial crisis. The company lost its investment-grade rating in 2022 due to the financial strain caused by a $6.5 billion Talara refinery revamp project. 

Due to financial constraints, the project was funded through bonds, loans, and government backing.

Peru is considering hiring a private manager for Petroperu as part of a restructuring plan. The plan would also involve selling off non-essential assets and workforce reductions.

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