Obituary for Dr. Klaus Ritter

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Obituary for Dr. Klaus Ritter

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Obituary for Dr. Klaus Ritter  1944 - 2021
Obituary for Dr. Klaus Ritter 1944 - 2021

After almost 50 years in various positions in the energy and water sector, Dr. Klaus Ritter passed away peacefully on the 19th of December 2021 surrounded by his family.

As an orphan in post-war Germany, he obtained his high school diploma through a second-chance education, then studied urban water management at RWTH Aachen University, where he received a scholarship for his doctorate on the topic of cooling water accumulation during power generation in thermal power plants and its effects on receiving waters.

His first job was at the BMFT (now Federal Ministry of Education and Research) in a working group that developed and tested concepts for energy saving and the use of renewable energy sources after the second oil price shock.

Already at the age of 36, he became the managing director of the professional association DELIWA. Here he had found the vocation to which he would dedicate his entire professional life, namely the transfer of knowledge and technology; first at national and later predominantly at international level. The focal regions of Dr. Klaus Ritter’s activities in this regard were in China, Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East as well as in North Africa.

After the merger of DELIWA and DVGW, which was completed in 2000, Dr. Klaus Ritter served as managing director of the new DVGW. He transferred the ”Energie Wasser PRAXIS”, which he published, and the vocational training center to the new association.

He subsequently took over the DELIWA/DVGW subsidiary EITEP (Euro Institute for Information and Technology Transfer in Environmental Protection) as president and led the company to high international recognition with a committed staff.

The Pipeline Technology Conference, which he founded, is today Europe's leading event for the international pipeline industry and increasingly covers topics from municipal gas and water supply.

As planned, Dennis Fandrich and Marian Ritter will take over the management of the EITEP Institute.

Dr. Ritter's warm, open manner and his relentless motivation to develop and push innovative ideas will be missed.

Our deepest sympathy also goes to the family and all relatives.

Dennis Fandrich and Marian Ritter
along with the entire EITEP team

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