Nigeria Recovers 4 million Litres of Stolen Oil Despite Persistent Pipeline Vandalism

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Nigeria Recovers 4 million Litres of Stolen Oil Despite Persistent Pipeline Vandalism

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Flag of Nigeria (© Shutterstock/adaptice photography)
Flag of Nigeria (© Shutterstock/adaptice photography)

Nigeria's military operation, code-named Delta Safe, has recovered over 4 million litres of crude oil stolen in the past six months.

The national oil company, NNPC Limited, reports nearly 9,000 pipeline infractions during the same period.

Crude oil theft and pipeline vandalism remain critical issues in Nigeria, causing significant environmental, economic, and social damage.

In 2021 alone, the country lost over 115 million barrels of crude oil to theft, resulting in a revenue loss of approximately $3.3 billion, representing roughly 10% of the nation's total oil production that year.

According to OPEC, Nigeria's daily crude oil production dropped by 105,000 barrels in February compared to January, further highlighting the ongoing problem.

Despite the challenges, efforts to curb the illegal activities yield some results. A patrol conducted with troops along the creeks and rivers of Nembe, Bayelsa State, revealed the devastating environmental impact of oil theft, with thick oil films covering the water and harming the local ecosystem.

Footage obtained from Operation Delta Safe headquarters showcases the destruction of one such illegal refining site. However, authorities report that operators continue their illicit activities despite the government's crackdown.

While pipeline breaches and illegal refining persist, perpetrators face potential consequences for their actions.

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