Libyan Officials Mull New Gas Pipeline to Spur Regional Development

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Libyan Officials Mull New Gas Pipeline to Spur Regional Development

Lybian national flag (© Shutterstock/Leo Altman)
Lybian national flag (© Shutterstock/Leo Altman)

Libyan energy officials recently held a high-level meeting to discuss various energy initiatives in the country, including a proposal to construct a new gas pipeline to fuel one of the country's power stations.

Deputy Chairman of the Presidential Council, Moussa Al-Koni, recently held a meeting with the Minister of Oil and Gas of the Government of National Unity, Mohamed Aoun, to strengthen Libya's energy sector and promoting regional development.

The meeting, held in the capital city, addressed several pivotal issues, including the potential establishment of an oil refinery in the country’s southern region, improving fuel supply, and powering the Ubari power plant through a new gas pipeline.

A statement released by the Presidential Council underscored that both Al-Koni and Aoun recognized the vital significance of the proposed oil refinery in the southern region. The project is expected to contribute to the national fuel supply, generate employment opportunities, and stimulate economic development in the area.

Moreover, discussions during the meeting revolved around creating a gas pipeline to provide the Ubari power plant with a dedicated fuel source. The power plant is critical in ensuring a stable electricity supply to the region.

By establishing a direct link to a gas pipeline, authorities aim to secure a more efficient and reliable energy source for the Ubari region, ultimately benefiting the local population.

Deputy Chairman Al-Koni and Minister Aoun also delved into programs focused on human resources development, seeking to enhance efficiency and expertise within the oil sector of the southern region.

The comprehensive approach underscores their commitment to developing Libya's energy infrastructure sustainably.

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