Interview with YPI Early Achievement Award winner Ana Paula Gomes

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Interview with YPI Early Achievement Award winner Ana Paula Gomes

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From left to right: Ana Paula Gomes, James Leigh (representing the award sponsor Penleigh International), Dennis Fandrich, Kshama Roy (© 2023 Ralph Thiele / EITEP).
From left to right: Ana Paula Gomes, James Leigh (representing the award sponsor Penleigh International), Dennis Fandrich, Kshama Roy (© 2023 Ralph Thiele / EITEP).

How does it feel to receive such recognition from your peers in the pipeline industry?

I am truly honored for being selected for the YPI Early Achievement Award from my peers in the pipeline industry. It's motivating to receive recognition at this stage of my career. This award reinforces my dedication to the pipeline industry and encourages me to continue striving for excellence in my work. I'm incredibly grateful for the support of my colleagues and mentors, and I look forward to contributing even more to our industry's growth and success in the future.

Could you tell us about your background and how you became involved in the pipeline industry?

I think I came naturally from my interest in the Oil&Gas field; it launched me towards my Petroleum Engineering degree. From there it all evolved naturally from my undergraduate research work with gas pipelines.

Given your current role as a Business Developer at Enivibes, could you discuss significant milestones or turning points in your career that have led you to this point of expertise?

My Master of Science degree at the Politecnico di Torino in Italy in Petroleum Engineering program gave me many opportunities to start my career and I chose to join the Italian company Enivibes (formerly known as SolAres).

My first role in the company as a Research Engineer gave me a chance to understand deeply how our e-vpms® technologies work and to focus on developing more accurate leak detection systems for gas pipelines.
However, I've always been intrigued by the inner workings of businesses after a product launch. This fascination, coupled with my technical proficiency, naturally steered me towards the field of business development.

Can you share any notable projects or initiatives you've worked on that have had a significant impact on the pipeline industry?

I would say that our [Enivibes] research work leak detection systems for gas pipelines is of great impact to the pipeline industry of today.

In your experience, what are some of the key challenges that the pipeline industry faces today?

We find ourselves in a particular moment where ensuring the safety and security of pipeline assets, whether they're new constructions or aging structures, holds paramount importance in sustaining our way of life. The increasing apprehension to uphold their safety arises from the potential risks posed by pipeline failures, whether arising intentionally or accidentally, which invariably affect both the surrounding communities and the environment.

What role do you believe young professionals can play in shaping the future of the pipeline industry?

I think change is important now more than ever to focus on environmental consequences and cyber security to name a few. We need a workforce that aligns with those principles, so I would say that this is the role of the younger professionals in the industry is to bring that fresh perspective and propel the transformation we need.

Could you share any personal goals or aspirations you have set for yourself within your career and how do you plan to achieve them?

I've recently reached a career milestone by securing a promotion as a business developer within my company, a goal I've long aspired to attain. I'm now eager to embark on endeavors that will enhance my proficiency in this newfound business facet of my journey—though I'm still in the process of clarifying my direction. At present, I'm in the contemplative phase, assessing which MBA program would offer the most advantageous growth opportunities.

Apart from your professional pursuits, what are some of your hobbies or interests that bring you joy and help you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel extensively, and I'm particularly grateful for the time I've spent living in Italy, one of the world's most extraordinary countries. Italy has breathtaking locations, and it's a joy to note that many of these places are just a short train ride away. As a result, my husband and I consistently explore new destinations during our weekends.  
In the winter, I find enjoy many winter sports, including skiing and snowshoe hikes. During the summer months, I'm drawn to hiking and have also discovered a newfound passion for via ferratas – a thrilling summer activity that has quickly become a personal favorite.

Finally, how do you see the future of the pipeline industry evolving, and what role do you envision for yourself in shaping that future?

I think my company, Enivibes, is in the forefront of solving many issues in the industry regarding pipeline integrity. My intention is to be part of that change by leveraging my new position to enable my company and colleagues to enact this change.

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