Genser Energy Constructs 110km Natural Gas Pipeline in Ghana at Record-breaking Pace

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Genser Energy Constructs 110km Natural Gas Pipeline in Ghana at Record-breaking Pace

Flag of Ghana on a pipeline (© Shutterstock/Ink Drop)
Flag of Ghana on a pipeline (© Shutterstock/Ink Drop)

Genser Energy, an energy company based in Ghana, has successfully completed the construction of a 110km natural gas pipeline, breaking records for its rapid pace of implementation, offering a significant boost to the country's energy infrastructure, the Ghanaian Times reported on Monday, June 12, 2023.

Despite facing numerous challenges, including disruptions in the global supply chain due to the aftermath of COVID-19 and the Ukraine/Russia conflict, as well as economic hurdles and inflationary pressures within the country, the company demonstrated an unwavering commitment to progress by completing the project within a remarkable five-month timeframe.

According to the report, the commissioning of this expansive pipeline network holds significant socio-economic implications at the national level, as it is expected to substantially reduce power transmission losses that currently afflict the country.

The integration of the pipeline will also enable the provision of cost-effective gas for power generation, bolstering Ghana's energy infrastructure.

This development positions Kumasi as a pivotal hub for future developmental initiatives and employment opportunities. Genser Energy, which has been operating as an Independent Power Producer (IPP) for over 15 years, has played a crucial role in spearheading the development of an extensive pipeline network spanning 430km.

A statement issued by the company in Accra on Friday, June 9, highlighted the exceptional dedication of Genser Energy staff, emphasizing their commitment to local content laws. The construction of the latest phase of the pipeline was entrusted to a group of young engineers with an average age of 32, of whom 85 percent were Ghanaians.

Mr Henry Abeiku Oppong, the Project Manager of the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) team, joined Genser Energy as an entry-level employee in 2013. His rise within the company exemplifies Genser Energy's dedication to training and providing opportunities for young engineers.

"It is an honour to be part of this transformative endeavour, which will leave a lasting impact on the nation's infrastructure and the lives of its people. Together, we have built a legacy of teamwork and resilience, driven by a shared commitment to excellence and collaboration. This success fuels our optimism for Ghana's bright future in the energy sector," Mr Oppong stated, expressing his satisfaction with the successful completion of the project.

The EPC team, comprising 40 full-time Genser Energy employees and an additional 220 contractors, was specifically engaged for this project to ensure its timely and budget-conscious completion, with more than 12,000 steel pipes purchased, delivered and assembled to complete the project.

Edward Lotsi, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Superintendent emphasized the team's dedication to maintaining the highest standards throughout the project.

"Throughout the project, my utmost priority was to ensure that every aspect adhered to the highest standards of Quality Assurance and Quality Control," Lotsi stated.

"From meticulously verifying incoming materials to preparing essential documents such as the Inspection Test Plan (ITP), test reports, and the construction dossier, we left no stone unturned in maintaining the project's integrity and meeting all specifications."

Since 2018, Genser Energy has constructed 430km of natural gas pipelines, expanding its operations and contributing to the growth of Ghana's national economy through close collaboration with regulatory bodies.

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