PODS Association




The Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) Association is a non-profit member-driven organization that provides the widely recognized data model standard adopted by pipeline operators, service providers, vendors, and regulatory agencies for managing spatial data. The PODS Standard is the best starting point for implementing a GIS and data management program due to its effectiveness and scalability.

As a community, PODS is made up of pipeline thought leaders and innovators who share knowledge and expertise to design, build and maintain the only geospatial data model specifically designed for pipeline operators. Focusing on pipeline safety, single-system-of-record for pipeline asset locations and specifications, regulatory and integrity management, and inspection and repair analysis, our model has been implemented by over 200 pipeline operators (Natural Gas, Oil, Water, Hydrogen, Carbon Sequestration, etc.) in 36 countries, representing over 3 million miles of linear pipeline assets and systems including facilities, stations, etc. over the last 25 years.

We are a growing community and adding more value to our members by building a pipeline community focused on the entire asset lifecycle, adding resources such as training, curated free live data layers, federal and state specific regulatory updates and technical solutions such as the new PODS7 Utility Network + APR with ESRI. bp's Golden Build and the ILI module.