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There are no problems, only opportunities for solutions. Can we do this better? What are we doing and how does that affect my stakeholders. These are the thoughts and questions at the heart of the company. Our company was founded by a frustrated engineer who is passionate about efficiency and pushing the boundaries of automation, data utilisation and making work fun! 

Our goal is to empower pipeline operators to utilise all their data and add value to pipeline operations by identifying high-risk areas. By linking data sets together and unifying the data in time and space, we remove uncertainty and risk for pipeline operators. 

We provide a pipeline digital twin platform that links and aggregates pipeline design, construction, inspection, and operational data in a virtual 3d environment. Furthermore, we have a suite of automated integrity assessment tools that utilise both design and as built records.

Since the creation of our company in 2019 we have had the following successes 

  • TechX accelerator program Cohort 3 – top 10 out of over 150 worldwide applicants 
  • BP Performance award for Tech X platform 
  • Implemented solution on 4 pipelines in the southern North Sea. Reduction in offshore campaign 20 days

Whether you are operating aging pipelines or building new pipelines our solution can help you manage your data and extract value from it! We know you are already experts at stopping your pipelines leaking, we want to help you stop your pipeline data leaking.