Pergam Italia

Pergam Italia


We're a multinational Group with 6 branches and covering 50+ countries worldwide, providing top-level quality products and services in gas leaks detection and powerlines inspection.

Both manufacturer and reseller, Pergam has established its dominance in the market since 1996, supporting the world top players controlling the emissions and monitoring the infrastructure to detect leaks and maximize the results. By the evolution of the technology and the consistent investments in R&D, Pergam is now owner of the most reliable TDLAS technology for aerial surveys and onroad inspections, capable of identifying the smallest leak from large distances.

Sharpening the technology, the Pergam technical team has adapted the technology to smaller sensors, covering all the possible application fields in Methane CH4 gas leak detection.

In more recent years, Pergam has started a partnership program with highly skilled tech companies, adding to its range of sensors a whole new variety of techs, such as ultrasonic, infrared, thermal, sniffing, etc .., vital to expand the "detection" concept to the full portfolio of petrochemical applications and gases.

Given the high-skills nieche Pergam is operating, the name is constantly increasing it visibility and references as leader in leaks services and solutions for the whole Oil&Gas sector.