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AUTOMA designs, engineers and manufactures technologies for remote monitoring in the Oil, Gas and Water sector. The continuous investments in technological innovation and the constant introduction of improvements, result of the shared best practices and the experience gained, have made AUTOMA, with the brand GOLIAH®, a reference point for solutions for the remote monitoring of cathodic protection and operating parameters of distribution and transport networks of oil, gas and water.

AUTOMA specializes in the development of complete and reliable solutions for the smart monitoring of oil, gas and water distribution and transportation networks, with specific focus on the remote monitoring of cathodic protection and odorant, and on the remote control and regulation of pressure cabins.

With the brand GOLIAH®, AUTOMA offers a complete range of field devices for the most diverse application contexts, available in various shapes and sizes designed to adapt to different installation and operating contexts, and the proprietary software suite WebProCat for the fulfilling of all monitoring, recording, functional control activities with reports of anomalies in real time, according to the needs and setting choices of the customer.

Today, AUTOMA has more than 45k active installed devices in more than 35 countries, and the trend is rising more and more!