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Aeris Technologies uses a state-of-the-art Mid-Infrared technology to measure greenhouse gases very fast and sensitive at ambient air concentrations.

One of our specializations is methane, ethane and propane measurements which are conform to the new EU CH4 regulation.

We apply this in a 2 to 7 kg analyzer that we mount on a car, drone, bike,... to get all measurement data at 1 up to 5hz combined with GPS and anemometer data. We pour this in a scientific model to determine where natural gas leaks are when looking at the correlation between methane and ethane especially. We can even use the C2/C1 ratio to determine the exact source of the emission.

Due to this method, the quantification of methane emissions is straightforward. 

Next to CH4, C2H6 and C3H8, we also offer:

  • Nitrous Oxide N2O
  • CO2 (isotopes)
  • CO
  • Benzene C6H6
  • Carbonyl Sulfide CO
  • Ethylene Oxide C2H4O
  • Acetylene C2H2
  • Formaldehyde CH2O