Quality Process, Digitalization of Pipeline Construction

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Quality Process, Digitalization of Pipeline Construction

Tue, 10/01/2019 - 12:01
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Pressurized fluid transport structures are subject to regulatory obligations for which the system operators must ensure compliance with the administration. In order to meet the obligations and ensure safety of the networks, in addition to the regulatory documents, the managers demand from the holders of laying contracts, the provision of documents allows attesting that the pipelines were made in accordance with professional standards and contractual requirements (plans, operating modes, self-checks, trial).

As a quality  service provider for the managers and  the holders of laying  markets  on the main gas works built since 2013 in France, LogIC experience feedback has allowed us to note that management and quality assurance processes implemented on these worksites could be optimized. As a result, we decided to digitalize and dematerialize building quality management by developing a connected mobile application. This application installed on PDAs and Touch Pad (Honeywell) allows access to the field, to all the data of a pipe or a welding thanks to the individual identification by bar code labels (examples: ready welding for coating, bending pipe). The use of this application also makes it possible to integrate all the construction data into the database from the site (no more paper, no more document repositories at the end of the day).

From a quality management point of view, the self-checks and trials activity reports are automatically generated, the production monitoring is instantaneous, the welding logs are fed automatically and instantaneously. These developments make it possible to ensure the compliance of site activities, to access all construction data directly from the field, to make the feedback of information reliable, to secure sensitive data, to reduce worksite / office trips, to reduce paper in this air of technological mutation, this application is obvious! It’s LogIC.

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