Editorial: “Storms make Pipelines take deeper roots”

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Editorial: “Storms make Pipelines take deeper roots”

Editorial 4-2018
Editorial 4-2018

What an outstandingly warm summer this had been. We hope you could enjoy the sun and recharge your energy levels. Maybe some of you spent time on the water, including passing wind turbines and crossing offshore pipelines. However, despite the warmth, parts of Europe have suffered from severe weather, like dryness, thunderstorms, and flooding. It has been forecasted that these atmospheric disturbances may happen more frequently.

  • Is our energy infrastructure, like pipelines and wind turbines prepared for changing hazardous environments?
  • Can these energy carriers coexist, safely, efficiently, and independently?
  • What technologies are available for tapping new energy resources in even more remote areas?

In view of these questions, the actual edition of the Pipeline Technology Journal contains interesting articles about developing and applying an ILI solution for deep water pipelines, researching the stability of pipelines on dynamic seabed, as well as challenging aspects in supplying line pipe to an offshore pipeline construction project and developing pipeline designs for ultra-deep sea environments.

Likewise, the PTC chairs have received your numerous abstract proposals to the upcoming 14th Pipeline Technology Conference, from March 19 to 21, 2019 in Berlin. We thank you very much for your contributions and invite you to participate in a broader collaboration about our mission of making energy infrastructures safer, more reliable, and prepared for the future. ‘Energiewende’ is a German word and translates into various aspects. However, in analyzing the technical core and discussing long-term solutions for an increasingly involved public we all speak the same language. Please take advantage of our early bird incentives and register until November 30 for the PTC 2019. By now, we look forward to seeing you all in Berlin next year.

Yours,Steffen Paeper

Steffen Paeper,
Senior Offshore Commissioning Engineer,
South Stream Transport B.V.

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