Editorial ptj 2-2020

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Editorial ptj 2-2020

ptj-2-2020 Editorial
ptj-2-2020 Editorial

Today you receive the 2nd edition of ptj, with which we publish the presentations of the “Pipeline Technology Conference”, ptc, which was cancelled due to the corona epedemia. The third special issue with the remaining 20 papers will be published soon.

The online ptc 2020 as a replacement has brought a surprisingly positive response. The repayment of the remaining participant payments was completed with a great deal of understanding and consideration from sponsors, exhibitors and participants.

One could say that with the help of the ptc family we have survived this great crisis without any major losses in terms of costs and performance. We would like to thank all those who have contributed to this.

Nevertheless, none of us can carry on as before, because the corona crisis has shown the whole world that in globalisation it is no longer only safety, reliability and profitability that count. Environmental protection, social equilibrium and health protection are also clearly important. Specialist conferences with large international participation are affected to a considerable extent.

On the other hand, however, the international exchange of experience is so important, especially in the pipeline sector, which is why in future - where it is possible and appropriate - much more exchange will probably take place digitally using the Internet.

At EITEP, a team led by Dennis Fandrich, Director Conferences and Marian Ritter, Director Exhibitions, is currently developing an online conference format which, like a presence conference, will allow all participants to exchange experiences and compare the services and products presented.

The first “Virtual Pipeline Summit”, VPS which deals with the complex “Digital Transformation in the Pipeline Industry”, will be offered on 30. 6. 2020.

Shortly after its publication, well over 450 participants from more than 60 countries had already registered. As with ptc, 28% of them are from operators.

It is hoped that this format will meet the expectations of the ptc family.

Other topics, services and technologies will be covered in further VPS events.

Of course, the 16th ptc, which brings together the entire spectrum of the pipeline industry, will again be held in Berlin from 15 to 18 March 2021.

Sincerely yoursDr. Klaus Ritter

Dr. Klaus Ritter,
President EITEP Institute
Editor in Chief of ptj

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