Editorial: Dear Readers,

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Editorial: Dear Readers,

Editorial 1-2022
Editorial 1-2022

With this issue you are holding a redesigned Pipeline Technology Journal in your hands. We have been developing this design for some time, so that the presentation of the journal conveys its content more effectively. As in all aspects of our business, the founder of the EITEP Institute and publisher of ptj, Dr. Klaus Ritter, was involved in every step of this development.

To our regret, Dr. Klaus Ritter passed away on 19 December 2021. What you hold in your hands is part of his legacy. From the very beginning when we launched the Pipeline Technology Journal back in 2013, we decided to provide all the technical articles on an open access basis. Today, the journal with its ptj newsletter reach more than 20,000 pipeline professionals worldwide.

As a former association leader, it was always important to Dr. Klaus Ritter to create a community. The ptj and the ptj News, launched in 2015, have always been an important channel for this group, which meets annually at #ptcBerlin - you might just be reading it there: the 17th Pipeline Technology Conference will take place from 7 - 10 March 2022.

The handover of the management to us was planned for the turn of the year 2021/2022 and it is a great honor for us that Dr. Ritter has entrusted us with the management of his EITEP Institute as one of his last acts. We will do our best to continue his mission together with the team. We are looking forward to the exchange with you in Berlin.

Best regards,
Dennis Fandrich & Marian Ritter

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