Editorial: Competition stimulates business

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Editorial: Competition stimulates business

Editorial 6-2018
Editorial 6-2018

Under this well-known slogan one should classify what can currently be observed in pipeline technology: Large TSO with their technology subsidiaries from Asia and Eastern Europe (e.g. Transneft, Sinopec and others) are pushing their way into the markets in North America and Western Europe.
This development naturally has several facets:

On the one hand, they bring with them specific experience that require the companies that have dominated the technology and the market to adapt their technology.

On the other hand, their step into the international markets also enables these companies to compare their technology with their competitors and adapt it to the requirements.

However, both opportunities can only be exploited if they can take place on the basis of an open market. This means that technology and service providers also gain access to the markets where their new competitors are at home.

Technical journals as well as conferences and exhibitions are the right channel to foster such an expansion. However, entrants to new markets must consider that they are expected to convince potential customers that their technology can compete in terms of safety, reliability and profitability.

As one of the world’s largest TSO, Transneft gained valuable operational experience with large pipelines and therefore possesses Know-How, it is displayed in this editions segment “Company Profile” on the occasion of the company’s 25th anniversary. This segment offers companies, in this case Transneft and its subsidiaries PTI and Diascan, the opportunity to present themselves in a striking way.  These companies will also present themselves at the upcoming Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc), 18-21 March 2019 in Berlin.

The next ptc will feature an array of interesting plenary discussions. One of them will focus on Eurasia and the regions significance for the pipeline industry. In this context, the appearance of the International Association of Oil Transporters IAOT at the ptc exhibition is also interesting.

By providing a platform for international exchange, ptc and ptj both aim to foster the use of state of the art pipeline solutions in order to increase our industry’s safety, reliability and profitability.  

Yours,Dr. Klaus Ritter

Dr. Klaus Ritter,
President EITEP Institut
Chairman ptc
Editior in Chef ptj

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